Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekly Sports Report

It's raining is pouring...
We are having our first rain of the season. It's not cold, but it's pouring. I am sooooo GLAD that I only work 6 miles from home. The freeway is going to be a major MESS tonight!

Speaking of a mess... Cheryl is playing tonight. I just hope that they are wearing the cardinal uniform today and not the WHITE! The Gauchos had a buy last Tuesday and finished with another loss on Friday. Cheryl said that they started well... they scored first and were ahead for the FIRST time this season. That didn't last very long because a Gaucho defender scored an own goal and tied up the game. Riverside scored one more giving the Gauchos another loss.

This sounds like a broken record... Gauchos lose and Quakes win... TWO more wins for the Quakes. Half the season is over and the Quakes are undefeated with only one goal against them. Now they have to play all the teams one more time and the season will be over. They are looking really good for moving up to Silver next year!

Chris is ran his first JV race last week. The first 4 runners that finished for his team were Seniors, followed by Ricky. Chris ended up in a non-scoring position. He was sick last week and ended up having to sprint straight from the finish line to the port-o-potties. He's sure that he'll do better this weekend at the OC Champs now that he's feeling better.


Mary said...

YAHOO for the Quakes! I bet Cheryl feels like a proud mama. hahaha

BethieJ said...

YEAH QUAKES!! Now mom did she wear that white yesterday??!! I think your rain came up to us.. sigh.. I know it isnt unusual but gosh I was loving the sunny cool crispy fall days!! HMMM now.. do I need to give you the I want to see SCRAPPY layouts talk.. hee hee!!! :) Hope you find some creative time.. you gonna do any PTI shoppin tonite? My list is HUGE.. shocking I am sure!
have a GREAT day Joni!!!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

I remember JV sports back in the day

Mara... said...

I hope you got Cheryl's uniform clean after that game! It poured here and I was glad I don't have much of a commute!! Hope Chris is feeling better for his runs next week.