Saturday, June 23, 2007

Chix Meet - Jane (Whoopsie Daisy!)

It was so much fun! I got to meet one of my favorite online friends, Jane! She was down in my area on a family trip to Disneyland. My daughter and I drove up to meet her at a local Starbucks. Speaking of that... we got lost! You would think that Starbucks would have correct directions to their stores posted on their website. Well, I digress... Jane is a wonderful person, even more wonderful than she is online! We talked non-stop for an hour before leaving her, and even got a little peek at the Disneyland fireworks that were going off as we were sipping Starbucks on the patio. We tried calling the Chix cropping in Virginia, but we just missed them. If any of you other chix are in the Disneyland area, let me know! I know where the Starbucks is now! LOL!


amber daNeLL said...

I wanna meet you BOTH IRL!!!! This is TOO fun!!!! I'm glad that you guys did find Starbucks. How sad would it have been if you hadn't??? I only say that cuz I've been craving SB all day. you 2 chix look like you had a great time!

Kate O'Brien said...

We'll be out that way NEXT summer for a trip to the x-games. A starbucks date is a must! Glad you had a fun meetup.

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

I'm home!! We got back on Sunday, but it took me this long to wind down and get my life back in order. And I start teaching summer school tomorrow, so that's been keeping me busy as well.

JONI!! It was so much fun meeting up with you and your daughter! I am sorry you got lost, but I know we would have found a way to meet up if not at that Starbucks. I'll always remember the meet and the fireworks going off in the background at Disneyland. I had a great time... thanks to you!!

Becky said...

How fun! If you had come to VA to crop with us, you would not have been able to meet with Jane so it all worked out!