Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kauai - day 3

Cheryl and I started our day with a 6 mile run to spouting horn and back; then we moved East... Hitting all our favorite hot spots:

1) Walmart

2) Coconut Marketplace

3) Hilo Hattie's

4) Waipouli Center (the one with the painting of a whale)

5) Wailua Falls

6) Opaekaa Falls

We also hit Anchor Cove, Kalapaki Beach and then back to Grandma's house to hang out.

Did you kiddos save a beer for Papa?

How many people's 97 year old grandma can cook Chicken Hekka? (Don'[t forget to dig to the bottom because there it tofu!)

Grandma K is really amazing... and a GREAT cook!

Excuse us while we finish our YUMMY dinner... :oD

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hooray for Hollywood!!!

We interrupt the Kauai recap with an 11 mile run up to the Hollywood sign with the Run With Soul running group.

The cave in this one is the cave they used in the old Batman series. It's the original batcave! :wink: It's not really a cave; just a few intersecting tunnels.

After that it was a long drive home in bumper to bumper traffic. Then I had to jump in the shower to get ready for a retirement party. Busy busy Saturday!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kauai 2015 - day 2

Today we stuck to the south and west sides of the island, doing the sight seeing thing. We need to make sure that all the standard sights are still there, and if they are then our place is right in the world. haha!

Yep. Menehune Ditch is still there :oD

... the swinging bridge too!

The Waimea black sand beach is just how we remembered it.

And the landing:

Look who I found on the landing. He crawled right up onto my hand. I had Jim hold him for a picture.

The Russian Fort is still there:

... there's a familar sight:

Messing around a the river mouth.

Uhhhh.... can someone translate, please?

Spouting Horn is still there!

And a guy named Prince Kuhio ;oD

We hit the Sunshine Market in Kekaha for bananas and mountain apples...

YUM... uh, NOT! Haha!

Then back to hanging out at Grandma K's house and L&L for dinner.

ALOHA, day 2!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Are you ready? Kauai 2015 - day 1

... for Grandma K's 97th birthday!
This is our first time to Kauai in any other season other than summer. We arrived in Kauai around 1:30pm. There was no food service on our American non-stop from LAX, and we proved that 4 people can survive on two peanut butter pop-tarts... but just barely.

Our first stop was Hamura's for lunch; next check-in to our condo at Castle Kiahuna; and then to Grandma's house.

Those two little rascals are Kai and Kala, my cousin Keenan's dogs. Kala is the sweet old man and Kai is the hyperactive middle schooler with ADD. haha!

Here's a blast from the past! A 4-generations picture from 25 years ago!

... A 4-generations picture today! :oD

Here's a few more family pics from the first day... Cheryl had to have her Papa picture!

My mom and her mom together:

And one more... So we have proof of who's taller now Papa!

After a nice dinner of L&L BBQ, we head back to our 2.98 star condo for the night:


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Where's Chris?

I've been posting a lot about running and racing with Cheryl, but not so much about Chris. Since I was so sore today from boot camp last week, I skipped out on our long Saturday run. Cheryl went running with her friend and I went running with Chris... Jena-girl tagged along too =oD

There was 60% chance of rain today, but it turned out to be a beautiful day!

BIG NEWS! Next Fall Chris is going to be a Toro! He accepted admission to Cal State Dominugez Hills in the school of Computer Science. We are so proud of him!

Congrats to Chris!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Brea 8k

I organized another Panasonic team for the Brea 8K. The team did AMAZING this year!

There are four people from the team missing from this picture... trying to get everyone in the same place at the same time is like herding cats!

Anyway the team finished in 9th place out of 37 teams! Our best finish yet!!!... AND we were the first non-running club to finish! The scoring woman this year was... CHERYL!!!

Cheryl ran a GREAT race, even with her foot injury. AND she managed to beat a PT from work who was also racing. There was a cup of Starbuck's at stake... and Cheryl won! She beat him by 2 minutes!

On to my score... My time was a minute slower than last year, but since I moved up an age group, I came in THIRD PLACE!

Cheryl, me and our friend Jeanne celebrating a well run race!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Jena!

Our BIG girl turned 5 today! I tried for a better picture, but she wouldn't wait that long before eating her cookie. She really really LOVED her cookie!

Happy Birthday, Jena-girl!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Joshua Tree Camping

It just so happens this year that Valentine's Day falls on President's Day weekend! So, long weekend + Valentine's Day = Camping in Joshua Tree! I was in major need of a work detox... lots of reading, hiking and napping :oD

It was beautiful out in the desert:

Jim went up to the campground the day before to make sure we got a campsite. The day before he made me this and we happened to "stumble" upon it while hiking... SO SWEET!!!

With my mountain man... oh, I mean desert man ;oD

Trail blazin'

My hero:

Dusty dog:

Tired dog, haha!

Now it's back to work...
I hope that everyone had a wonderful long weekend!